Technology is a great challenge for deciders

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We translate technology opportunities into strategy and business cases

The frequency in which we are confronted with new technologies is accelerating exponentially.
Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Drones, Internet of Things or "BigData" - just to name a few.

In contrast to the last millenium we now live in an environment in which most new technologies will impact all domains of business. Digitalization and global interconnection of businesses have removed all barriers for digital disruption.
No matter if you are active in Manufactuing, Automotive, Insurance, Financial Services, Transport or other fields - chances are high that you are or will be confronted with a disruptive technology change.

In the daily endeavour of guiding your company into the most uncertain - but also most promising - future we ever had it is clear that you cannot find the time to read up and fully understand ALL of the upcoming new technologies.
Our job is to help you understand the essential characteristics of new technologies and translate those into a powerfull strategy and valid business cases for your company.

Our team DNA is based on a deep belief in exponential change in technology and society

We live in a world of incredibly fast change. Be it the change within existing technologies (Moore's law as a great example) as well as new technologies coming up at a high rate (new paradigms like Blockchain)

In this world the connection between technology, business models and societal implications is of the utmost importance - yet very difficult to handle. After all the collective change is happening at a volume and rate that by far exeeds the learning and mental changing capabilities of a single human.

Our goal as a team is to bring our best contribution to help you succeed.

What we usually do for our clients

We only have fun at work when we can really help you and bring value to your business. We are most confident to achieve this goal in the following six areas.

Innovation and technology consulting

Tailormade for your business we help you in understanding, analyzing and solving a wide range of challenges that result from technologies. In these consulting projects we do not stop at the high level insight into a technology but help you map business cases to technology elements and design a right apporach for you specific situation. A typical project will take between 2 and 6 month and will consist mainly of consulting. Project results are data driven decision recommendations and strategy documents.

Technology workshops

To integrate a new technology into your business or even base the entire company strategy on the future role of such technologies is a big decision to make. With our series of technology workshops we want to enable C-level deciders to understand the most important aspects of a new technology and empower them to judge on possible business models - while still trusting their team members for the details.

Prototyping workshops

To fully understand technology as a company it is important to get the whole team in touch with it. To enable engineers and innovation managers to fully understand new technology we walk them through it in hands-on workshops - providing easy to understand prototypes and illustrating their possible role in future business processes.

Team coaching

To embrace rapid change and new technology paradigms within your corporation we greatly encourage the acceleration of internal business ideas and the interfacing with external startups. One of the most common and effective ways is to structure those efforts in projects with the clear goal to develop an internal idea to the next level or to establish a defined interface with an external startup.
To help you succeed in this endeavour we offer our help in challenging and shaping those innovation projects - either to stop them early on or to bring them on a trajectory to great success

Startup/M&A Due Dilligence

Innovation not only comes from inside a corporation but also from the external ecosystem. To help you judge the underlying value of the technology and business models in investment scenarios we offer our support in the due dilligence process.

Bi-modal business creation

Sometimes the organizational setup really does not allow for an implementation of disruptive, technology based business within the existing structures. In this case we build a completely new business for you in a bi-modal setup with the goal of re-integration.

Our team and advisors

Having started mid of 2016 we are a young team of entrepreneurs
with a strong network of world class advisors

Bülent Altan, Advisor

(VP, Satellite Mission Assurance at SpaceX)

With more than 10 years at SpaceX and as former VP of Avionics and currently in charge of Satellite Mission Assurance Bülent is a proven expert helping us in all technology matters

Matthias Anderer, Managing Partner

(Founding Partner Matthias Anderer GmbH)

Studied aerospace engineer and former strategy consultant at Bain Matthias is trying to change the world a bit with this company. Passionate about technology and its impact on society he tries to combine our customers' success with a improvement for our world

Axel Krieger, Advisor

(Managing Director and Founding Partner at Digital+ Partners)

With more than 16 years in management consulting Axel left McKinsey & Company as a Partner to build up Digital+ Partners - a growth equity investment fund located in Munich, Germany. With his deep experience in all strategy and VC matters he is the perfect sounding board for our innovation and technology strategy frameworks.

We are proud to be active for several DAX and MDAX companies with Munich Re as one of our earliest supporters and trusted partners. While not being able to disclose all our clients we are happy to provide you with references.

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